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Thursday, January 21

We are excited to enter a brand new fresh year yet are sad to say good-bye to the successful 2015 year. We know that the past year was successful due to our loyal customer base so we would like to extend a huge Thank You to each and every one of our returning customers, the new and regular alike.

This year has some exciting events that are sure to please a wide assortment of customers. As always we strive to keep adding new stock to our extensive collection of anime and video game replicas. Some of our best sellers have been items that are perfect for Cosplay and LARP enthusiasts. As always we make sure that our replicas are top notch. We also carry items that make great stage props for your next theatrical production. Our products also make great gift selections for people that enjoy a wide range from anime, medieval productions or exotic fantasy weaponry. And you cannot forgot our large selection and variety of replica guns. With all of the great items we have in stock there is certainly something for everyone.
With the New Year in store, we are happy to say that we now have the new Walking Dead Deluxe Collectors Edition in stock. The much favored and lethal Michonne Sword is on our site! This sword is formed from traditional sword making techniques. The weapon features a 1045 high carbon steel blade with a ray skin wrapped handle and matching scabbard. This beautiful officially licensed katana comes with certificate of authenticity and also as a new feature includes the newly released custom signature wall/ table stand with Michonne signature, as well as a poster of Michonne.
The 2016-year also brings two officially licensed Sword Art Online swords in stock and available for purchase, the SAO Elucidator and the SAO Dark Dark Repulser Sword. Both of these items are a great choice for anyone looking for LARP or cosplay items. And just around the corner the Viking Sword of Kings is expected to arrive February 15 2016. You can get your pre-order for this limited edition piece here.
Replica Dungeon also features many different types of replica guns, including our popular western replica guns, as well as the new front firing blank guns like the Firat Magnum, the Jackal and several semi-automatic models you can find here.
Last year was a superb year and we expect another great year to come, all with thanks going to our loyal customers. Thank you again and we hope that you have a fantastic year ahead as well!

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Monday, November 23

The warm summer months have slipped away, and once again the brisk fall temperatures have filled the air. Trees stand with bare branches to remind us that the fall holiday festivities are right around the corner. November is one of the hottest months to start looking for that perfect gift and with the end of November upon us that leaves only 4 more Fridays to fill your shopping cart!!

The Dungeon Master has a great way to fill all those lists for the hard to buy individual. With quick and easy shopping from the comfort of home combined with spectacular holiday savings you can’t go wrong shopping from our pages at

As an added bonus to an already exciting line up, we are super happy to announce that we now offering a flat rate shipping price of only $9.95. With the holiday rush and heavy traffic it is important that you place your order soon to ensure the great delivery rate and on time delivery.

As usual you will find that we are constantly adding the newest and greatest products to our store. You can be sure that you can find anything from replica video games and anime swords to replica guns within the depths of our pages. We are also excited about the new release of our new officially licensed SAO collectible swords, where you can find quality foam swords at great, hard to beat prices. We will continue to add to this popular licensed collection. And hurry and order before the Vikings Sword of Kings Premium Edition is sold out here! Less than 35 pieces remain!

The end of the year is coming to a close fast, which makes it a great time to purchase the items that have caught your attention throughout the year. With a hectic holiday schedule and congested shipping times, now is the time to place your holiday order to make sure that your shopping list is complete!

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Friday, October 16

The chill is in the air, marking the approaching end to another year, and with that also makes the approach of one of the most creative holidays, Halloween. As many rush around from store to store, desperately looking for the finishing touch to their ghouls and goblins costumes, Replica Dungeon can proudly say that we offer items that are more unique.

Go beyond the traditional monster and historical figure costumes and impress people with unique costumes from the popular 300 Spartan series. This line is once again in high demand. Stand out from the rest of the festive crowd with a costume that includes items such as the Spartan sword and shield combination. Top of this intimidating outfit with a helmet that will surely finish the look.

Another costume idea that would be a huge success comes from the much adored and widely viewed Game of Thrones. We carry a full line of Game of Thrones replicas including items such as the Licensed Jon Snow Longclaw Sword in both steel and foam versions. For a truly impressive look you could add Jon Snow’s black shirt and cape to top of the costume. Maybe Eddard Stark pulled at your heartstrings throughout the season, we have a full line of his items as well.

For the serious costume fanatic, dress up in this realistic Achilles Armor, Sword, and Shield set. This set includes a shield, a leather muscle cuirass, a helmet and belt that will totally transform anyone into a powerful, battle ready warrior.

We also wanted to announce that we are down to 250 pieces of the much-anticipated Vikings series - Sword of Kings Premium Edition. This Licensed Vikings replica is available for pre-order with an anticipated arrival of January 2016. Hurry up and claim your ownership and order here today before they are gone! The Premium Edition includes a hand signed photograph of Ragnar Lothbrok and each sword comes with a unique serial number guaranteed to carry a number between 1 and 300. This item has a limited quantity and strong demand so secure your sword by ordering now!

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Thursday, September 17
It is that time of year again, when the air cools and the chilly holidays approach. Not only is the end of the year approaching at a rapid rate, but our supplies of many much desired items are coming to an end as well.
The Axe of Ragnar Limited Edition is one of the many items soon to be extinct. This powerful weapon has a true medieval era appearance and would look great mounted on a wall for all to admire. Sadly this masculine looking beast slaying tool is limited to under 1000 pieces remaining and once this number has expired it will be gone forever. If your looking to add a touch of this barbaric age to your home hurry and order your piece before it's too late.

The cooler fall season also brings the Halloween holiday to our door. Almost everyone is searching for the best costume to increase the festive atmosphere. We carry a massive line of the popular 300 Spartan pieces that will add extra excitement to your costume. One of the most popular items this year seems to be swords, shields and helmets from the early viking years. Other popular costume accessories include swords from popular video games and anime series found here.

For those that are looking to dress with more of an older American style we also have many different items in the western gear that would add a special touch to an adored western costume.

While enjoying the excitement of dressing for the halloween spirit, don't forget to take time to add a special touch to the younger generations costumes. We carry a huge assortment of LARP of safe and sturdy foam swords and shields that smaller children can safely carry around without worry. These foam items are made from a quality material that can withstand even the mightiest of tiny giants.

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Thursday, July 30
As another month comes to a close and brings us yet closer to a new year, we want to remember to thank all of our loyal customers and new customers as well! Your feedback and positive reviews are appreciated!

We are excited to announce that The Hobbit Illuminated Wizard Gandalf Staff has been released and is now in stock! This exciting yet unique piece is sure to call attention to itself. This staff looks like a simple walking stick yet has a magical power when the staff is activated. This Officially Licensed Wizard Staff is made from a polyresin material and is a must have for Hobbit fans!

Another popular item that we currently have in stock, but is a rapid mover is the Hobbit Regal Sword of Thorin Oakenshield. This piece is the Officially Licensed Replica of The Hobbit stage prop and has a unique medieval design, complete with the raven hilt and two-tone blade. This sword was recently released and is going fast, get yours before this shipment is depleted!!

As usual, we carry a wide assortment of replica swords. We also carry replica swords that come from the fantasy realm of anime and video games. A perfect example of these types of weapons would be the newly added Steel Bastard Sword, this sword measures an impressive 44 inches in length and has a polished blade surface. Another fantastic example is the Aerondight Silver Sword. This sword has a total length of 45.75 inches long and has a 440 stainless steel blade with superb finish. You can learn more about this awesome piece here

Both of these finely crafted replicas would make a great addition to a collection or would make a perfect gift from!

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Wednesday, July 1
The year is flying by quickly! It is easy to forget that another holiday season is just a blink around the corner!

We are excited to announce the release of 2 new Vikings, Officially Licensed Limited Edition Swords, just in time for 2015 Christmas!  Currently in production, we are sure people will want to get their hands on these finely crafted limited edition pieces. The Sword of Kings - Premium Signature Limited Edition Sword is a must have with an authentic Travis Fimmel hand signed photo of Ragnar Lothbrok.  We are also highly anticipating the Sword of Kings - Limited Edition Sword. Also don’t forget the final shipment of the Limited Edition Axe of Ragnar Lothbrok will be arriving end of August 2015, get your orders in now!

Remember to order your Gauntlet of Sauron Christmas gift here!!  We just received a limited quantity order and only a few pieces remain in stock. This will be the final shipment before the 2015 holiday season!

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Wednesday, May 27
Are you still searching endlessly for that unique one of a kind Father’s Day gift that will have a lasting impression? We have all sorts of items that are sure to please even the most finicky father of all. If you have a hard to shop for father or father to be we have several suggestions that may be a solution.

The first great gift idea would be one of our NEW front firing blank firing pistols. These are quality pistols that fire 9MM rounds. The detailing on these pistols are so impressive it takes a moment to realize that these are not actual weapons. The realistic Front Firing Blank Pistols would be a great gift idea for dads that are involved with productions, in the training profession, or just appreciate and want to start or grow a collection.

We carry a line of replica guns from western replicas to current popular models such as the Kimar Model 911, The Civil War Sharps Carbine or the Magnum 92. We have both non-firing and blank firing options, along with cap guns and our New Front Firing Blank guns. Each of these weapons features a realistic and durable build. You can find many great options here.

We also have a few items from the popular 300 series. These items are a must have for every dad that enjoys the action packed excitement of this fantastic production. We are currently offering Free Shipping on a few of the Licensed 300 Movie Items, such as the King Leonidas Helmet, 300 Licensed Spartan Sword, and the Licensed 300 Spartan Brass Shield!

Another fabulous Father’s Day gift idea would come from another wildly popular hit series, The Walking Dead. We are excited to say that we have The Walking Dead Stand complete with Michonne’s personal signature. Who can forget this fierce, independent woman who is fueled with desire to stay alive. Any father that is an avid watcher of this series will be happy to receive this fantastic collectors item. Go an extra step and include the sword and matching scabbard as well in our Walking Dead Sword, Scabbard, and Stand Combo!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and we would be delighted to help you with your shopping experience. While you're shopping don't forget to sign up for the newsletter that will keep you up to date on special promotions, contests and new arrivals. Make this Father’s Day extra special with items that are hard to forget, and will make even the hardest to please man happy!

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Tuesday, April 28
April is coming to a close, with that comes an exciting line of possibilities. We are happy to announce that our collection is growing with leaps and bounds. Along with the new line-up, we are extremely excited to tell you that we are now carrying the licensed 300, 300: Rise of an Empire, Conan, and Robin Hood products once again. These items carry special appeal to anyone that is a fan of the medieval era. Who can resist the power that these weapons contain?

Another exciting announcement is the addition of our quality Denix Replica Medieval Swords. These swords are great items that are capable of adding a sophisticated flare to room decor, or can be gifted to a sword enthusiast looking for their next addition to a collection. The swords are crafted with a superb design and guaranteed to last for years to come. We carry great swords such as replica pieces that belonged to the late great Richard the Lionheart, and the Roman Empire Short Sword. Each piece is expertly made and carries  a quality satisfaction guarantee.

Along with our awesome collection of quality medieval weapons and swords, we would also like to remind you that we still carry premium quality replica guns. We have several new additions that include the M1911 .45 Government issue blank firing pistol. This beauty features a grip with a beautiful dark finish and a polished barrel guaranteed to catch anyones eye. Along with a wide assortment of pistols we also carry top quality rifles like the Civil War 1859 sharps rifle. These items are all great choices when looking to expand a collection or to change the look of a room.

While you're shopping our extensive line of weaponry, take a moment to enter your email in the pop-up box. This will automatically enter your name to be notified of new arrivals, contests and an informational newsletter that is full of important information for the site.

With April approaching an end, the Dungeon Master at Replica Dungeon looks forward to the first days of summer that offer our customers quality time outdoors with friends and family, always seeking new adventures with great replicas.

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Tuesday, March 10
We are excited to announce that along with a full line of quality LARP products, we now offer the Dark Moon LARP line that features an assortment of rugged styrofoam weapons that are essential for survival during a zombie apocalypse LARP adventure. These weapons are made from a special closed cell styrofoam that is designed to withstand heavy impact without shredding. An internal core offers a sturdy support system while the outer coating is covered with a quality latex material that has been carefully painted to have a realistic appearance. These weapons range from ordinary items such as a replica LARP lead pipe that one might stumble upon walking home, to a riot shield that is extremely effective in handling a mass of hungry zombies.

We are also happy to announce that Replica Dungeon will soon be adding a new archery line. This new archery line will include LARP archery bows and arrows.

Keep in mind that not only are these items perfect for LARP, they also make great stage props for theatrical performances.

As an added bonus, our Hobbit collection is always expanding. Hobbit fanatics will be happy to know that we now have a highly favored item, the Mace of Sauron with One Ring. This mace is so popular that the first shipment was completely sold out within 24 hours. We are replenishing our supplies and expect to be restocked in the near future. If you are wanting to claim this popular item as your own, be sure to order as soon as we restock as this item is limited to 1500 pieces worldwide. Move quick to claim yours here!

Our Hobbit collection also contains new adored items for pre-order, such as the Mirkwood Infantry Sword and the Illuminated Staff of Gandalf.

As always, we are sure that when you shop with us you will find any item that will take your adventure to the next level!

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Wednesday, February 4
It is that time of year again where new love is ignited and established loves celebrate a special time of year. Valentines Day is right around the corner, do you know what you would like to surprise your special someone with? While a romantic home cooked candle lit dinner might be in the cards for some, perhaps some of you are looking for a gift that is a little on the unique side.

We are pleased to say we have items that make great Valentines gifts. Our most popular sweetheart gift ideas include medieval gothic rings and pendants that will capture virtually anyones heart. The Dragons Celtica Ring is just one great example of the quality rings we have available. This is a beautiful pewter ring with a brilliant blue center stone, look closely into the “water” of the stone and you will find a tiny dragon hatchling waiting to be born!

Another unique gift idea is the Viking Horn Tankard that you can find here. This beautiful silver piece features the Horn of Fertility as a handle and has carved pewter mounts, it is also the perfect size for your viking to dink a viking type beverage in.

If these two items don’t fit the bill for a unique gift idea, we also carry Replica Dungeon gift certificates so that your perfect someone can spend some leisure time searching our wide assortment of replicas and collectors items. Best of all, a gift certificate never expires so there's no rush to make your selections.

For the more creative individual, don’t forget that we also carry a full line of replica guns and swords for that very special someone who has a different taste this Valentines Day!

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